News broke on Sunday night that Jorge Messi, father of Barcelona star forward Lionel Messi, is once again at the center of a judicial scandal, this time with alleged charges of being the center of a money laundering investigation in Spain. 

According to Spanish newspaper EL MUNDO, a special division of the Spanish Civil Guard denominated the UCO has been investigating a complex operation that involves the laundering of money coming from drug related activities, and Jorge Messi appears to be a key piece of this operation. 

The newspaper that ran with the story also affirmed that the investigation is being conducted under strict confidence and the case file is still highly classified. But for the time being, several people suspected of being involved in the case have been called to testify before a jury in Madrid and Barcelona, including four major names from the football world: Lionel Messi, Dani Alves, Jose Manuel Pinto, and Javier Mascherano. 

The investigation is said to have started after the UCO began looking into events destined to benefit non-profit organizations such as the summer tour of matches called "Messi & Friends" that traveled to different parts of the world, as well as rock concerts of South American bands that were being used as a front for drug trafficking organizations to launder important amounts of money.

It's said that the case will eventually be conducted in a national hearing as the allegations involve operations in more cities of Spain, not only Madrid and Barcelona, and it could also have international ramifications, as it is linked to drug cartels in Colombia. 

More to follow...