After Spanish daily EL MUNDO reported that Jorge Messi was involved in an investigation related to laundering money from drug related crimes, other top Spanish sources such as EL PAIS have printed a correction of the story disassociating Jorge Messi from the network being investigated.

According to EL PAIS, both the Spanish Civil Guard (UCO) and the Colombian entity in charge called the Dijin have officially closed the investigation which involved a network that organized sports events and concerts in both America and Europa to launder drug trafficking money.

Some of the games under review were the "Messi & Friends" series that were held over the past two summers, some of which were in Bogota and Medellin, Colombia. For that reason, the Spanish authorities called on Lionel Messi, Jose Pinto, Dani Alves and Javier Mascherano to testify as to what they knew of the actual organization of the event. But the OCU has stated to Europa Press that the Barcelona players and Jorge Messi were only called in as sources of information to further the investigation, but that they weren't the subject of the investigation themselves. 

All Barcelona players in question and Jorge Messi all claimed to have no knowledge of the source of funding for these events and stated that they participated in order to raise funds for different social causes. The judge in charge of the case in Madrid, Eduardo Lopez Palop, has cleared Jorge Messi and his son as he agrees they all participated without knowledge of any wrong doing. 

Meanwhile, the Colombian entity in charge of the investigation, the DIJIN has also closed the investigation after making several arrests in Colombia.