Regardless of the difference in strength, quality and position, Osasuna always manages to complicate Real Madrid's life, especially in Pamplona. This time was no exception with the match ending 0-0, helping in no way the crisis undergoing the white team from Madrid. 

Regardless of the fact that most of Madrid's backline was 'unavailable', be it for injury or disciplinary sanctions, and that main man Cristiano Ronaldo had to sit this one out, one would assume Mourinho has more than enough man power to control the last team in the table. 

Higuain started his offensive streak but found no way to open the score. Osasuna's defensive mindset kept the score intact, but left two of Osasuna's men with warnings before the second half. 

After the break, Mou made some vital changes bringing in Ricardo Kaka for Gonzalo Higuain to generate spaces in a very knotted middle ground. Benzema also came replacing Di Maria. Ten minutes later, Ozil would come in for Modric, but the home team didn't give in. 

The growing desperation of the visitors generated foul play with Kaka being sent off with a rare red card in the 76th minute, and Ozil and Xabi Alonso receiving cautions as well. 

The last minutes of play finished with Madrid defending its turf and an Osasuna attacking constantly and coming close to taking the three points. 

Once again, Reyno de Navarra leaves Madrid empty handed and this time, sunk into a deeper crisis.