Spain defeated Uruguay in Doha 3-1 for the Fifa Friendly match of the day, with all three goals being scored by Barcelona players. 

The first goal came for Spain in the first quarter through an assist from Juan Mata that Cesc Fabregas (15') defined for the partial 1-0. Fifteen minutes later, Cristian Rodriguez (30') would define a pass from Martin Caceres that would become the 1-1 equalizer, with which the first time would come to an end. 

All through the first half, the match seemed balanced, in spite of the Spanish having their usual dominance rounding around 70%. But the second half would see the entrance of David Villa for Juan Mata and center back Gerard Pique for Carles Puyol. 

With these changes would come the last two goals, both through the coming together of Barcelona players, with a double from Pedro Rodriguez (51',73'). The first came from an assist made by Gerard Pique, and the second through a brilliant play started by David Villa, continued by Cesc Fabregas and finalized by Pedro. 

Uruguay was lost after the second goal, and even Diego Forlan, who came in for Edinson Cavani, couldn't help turn the score around. 

'La Roja' incorporated some of the new faces it called upon such as Atletico de Madrid's Mario Suarez who came in for Santi Cazorla