Colombia has achieved its 3rd South American U-20 title by defeating Paraguay 2-1 in the last and most intense match of the tournament, held in Argentina. 

The odds were in favor of Paraguay that needed only the draw to get away with the title of South American champion. 

Colombia started winning by a goal from Juan Fernando Quintero (25'), undisputed star of the match, with a strike from outside the area that hit a Paraguayan defense before making its way into the net. 

But as it had been usual, the Colombian team took the level down a notch after scoring. Paraguay, true to its style, defended with almost seven players and relied heavily on the counter attack.  

The second half saw a much more aggresive Colombia, try to increase the difference to stay as far from a potential draw as possible. And the pressure paid off when Juan Quintero, author of the first goal, would filter a center from the corner and find Vergara (55') for the header that gave Colombia the 2-0 lead.  

Paraguay would get the discount with Villamayor (88') but time would not be enough, and Colombia got away with it's third title in the history of this competition. The previous titles (1987 and 2005) were both as hosts, this is the first title obtained away from Colombia.