There were more than 2,800 participants, from celebrities to champion athletes to those whose aim is to be involved and make a difference, in this week's Doha Goals Forum.

Following are selected quotes from the conference:

Ian Thorpe: "Don't try to know everything. There is difference between knowledge and experience." 

Mark Spitz: "Young athletes need to have a dream, a game plan. And they also need a good environment to train and perform in.:

Mark Spitz: "The mystery, the magic, all became the seed of creativity that made me determined to compete. And win." 

Hilal Al Kuwari (President, Aspire Zone Foundation): ”We want to be seen as the place with the best sports infrastructure in the world!"

Carl Lewis: "Be your CEO! When I was 16 I worked for 2 months at McDonalds. Ever since, I've only worked for me.”

‏ WilliamFinnie (Young Ambassador, Youth Sports Trust): "Sport doesn't just develop gold medalists on the field. Sport develops gold medalists in all walks of life."