Argentina continues to leave a bitter taste in the South American U-20 Qualifiers after losing 2-1 to Paraguay. 

This is the second loss the host team suffers in just as many games, after the expectation they had built up for the individual talent of its men. 

Argentina began dominating the game early on, but kept the ball circling around middle ground without ever using the lateral corridors to open up and generate spaces. Paraguay played defensively and took advantage of the few counter attacks that it created. Morel , the young goalkeeper from Paraguay, saved his team in a couple of occasions that the home team generated through its individualities. 

Racing de Avellaneda's forward Luciano Vietto opened the score unexpectedly after striking the ball from a distance and having it bounce off a Paraguayan defender. This first goal put Argentina 1-0 after 38 minutes. 

The second half picked up the rhythm of the game, and saw a clear response from the Paraguay side. So much in fact, that Derlis Gonzalez , who had just come in, tied the game (60') and then only eight minutes later, Cecilio Dominguez ('68) scored the second to turn the score around. 

Argentina tried to reincorporate Manuel Lanzini, who was thought to be the new team leader and '10', but didn't start after a poor performance against Chile . But the changes had no effect in the end result, and Paraguay took the three points home while Argentina sits in the bottom of the Group A.