In a very impressive display of offensive tactics, Chile returned to the winning side by beating Ecuador 4-1 with only ten men.  

The game started off balanced with both teams on the offensive looking to open the score. Ecuador had several chances but no luck and in a sudden counter attack at the 18th minute, Chilean Nicolas Castillo received a filtered pass and surprised the Ecuatorian goalkeeper by defining well above his head in an unreachable goal. This became Castillo's 4th goal in the tournament, adding his name to the top scorers. 

Ecuador had no time to react as ten minutes later a penalty in favor of Chile was converted by Rubio and upped the count 2-0 for la 'Rojita' before heading to half time. The score reflected the precision of the Chilean attack. 

The second half started off badly for Chile as only 9 minutes into it, Bryan Rabello was sent off with a direct red card. Not only did he leave Chile with ten men, but will miss the next match which is a considerable loss for the Red team, since he is the creative mastermind in Chile's attack. This forced a defensive change in the Chilean strategy and Claudio Baeza, a midfielder, came in for striker Nicolas Castillo. 

Ecuador kept its hope alive through a goal from Pedro Estirilla (68') that put them 2-1 and partially a goal away.  Nonetheless, Chile kept attacking and Ecuador couldn't find the way to tie the score.

Nicolas Baeza, who came in for Castillo, scored the third goal from a free shot at the 75th minute, bringing Chile up 3-1 and later, Felipe Mora scored the fourth goal for Chile, giving his team the first three points in the final round.