Terri Leigh is co-host of The Express, a pre- and post-game show that provides up-to-date news and analysis on the biggest live soccer matches on the English-language beIN SPORTS network.

Leigh previously held the position of Anchor/Reporter with the Fox Soccer Report in Winnipeg, Canada, providing daily news from around the world for U.S. soccer fans.  She also has an extensive background in radio dating back to when she was 15 years old.

Leigh is thrilled to be a member of the beIN SPORT family and to be a part of a sport she is passionate about. As a Canadian, Terri also has a 'True North' love of the sport of curling as well she is an avid follower of the Winnipeg Jets.

Having relocated from Winnipeg to Miami, Terri is excited about experiencing her first winter without snow and sub-zero temperatures.... as well as access to golf courses 12 months of the year!

In her spare time, Leigh enjoys going for a round of golf and raising her two dogs, Frankie & Jonny.

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