The Copa Del Rey is an annual tournament for Spanish League teams in honor of the reigning monarch. It features teams from the first division, the second division, and combination between the third and fourth divisions. Action-packed year-long competition with some of the most famous players in the world duking it out for the recognition of the Spanish King.


The Copa del Rey is the oldest Spanish football competition and also one of the worlds most famous. Legendary stars like Zidane, Figo, Di Stefano, Raúl and many more have fought for the right to claim this trophy.

The cup was the National Championship prior to the formation of La Liga in 1929 and teams would qualify through their positions via their regional leagues.

The first ever champion of the tournament was Atheltic Club Bilbao in 1903. They were also the winners in 1904 after their opposition failed to show up. The current champion is Atletico Madrid who beat their cross town rivals, Real Madrid F.C., at the Santiago Bernabeu. The most successful side is F.C. Barcelona with 26 titles under their name and Athletic Bilbao coming close behind with 23 titles.


In the current format, entry is limited. As it stands, entry is reserved for teams in the Primera Division, Segunda A, Segunda B and the champions of Tercera Division. The early rounds are one-legged matches with the lower division teams given the homefield advantage. In the knock-out phase of the tournament, the competition turns into a two-legged event, with only the Final being played once at a neutral location.

The eventual winner of the competition earns itself a trip to the Supercopa de España and a place on the following year's Europa League competition. If one of the finalists has already qualified to an European Competition, the other finalist books its place instead.